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Trinity Reads!


Trinity Reads 2014 and

Summer Reading Lists

It is a longstanding tradition for the Trinity community to read something together over the summer months. We call this communal reading experience Trinity Reads. This summer, in celebration of Trinity’s twentieth year, we are inviting the entire community to read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. This choice is a return to our beginnings as a school—ad fontes, as the Reformers would have said. I remember reading Lewis’s tale aloud at lunch to our third grade students that first year, in the modular behind Hope Creek Church. You might say that Trinity started in Narnia.

The story of Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy’s adventures in Aslan’s country will be familiar to many Trinity families. If you have read the story, let me encourage you to read it again. One can’t visit Narnia too often. And if you have never read this tale, then you are in for a mythical adventure.

The Narnian tales are all soaked with a sense of exile, to use Tolkien’s phrase. They remind us that this world is not our home, and that there is Someone to whom we belong, whose home is our home. They hearken back to something Edenic, something that has been lost but whose fragrance still lingers just a bit in the telling. These books have the capacity to awaken our imaginations, so that we hear deep calling to deep. I know this because in the winter of 19761977 I first read them and was drawn irresistibly to Aslan, and through him to Christ.

There is a passage in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, another of the Chronicles of Narnia, that pictures the power of the mythic world that Lewis has woven together. Lucy finds herself in a magician’s house, rifling through a tome of magic. She turns page after page and eventually discovers a spell to refresh one’s spirit. Soon she had forgotten that she was reading at all, so real was the story. Lucy said to herself, “That is the loveliest story I’ve ever read or ever shall read in my whole life.” Sadly, she could not remember the tale, nor could she turn backwards in the book. So when she meets Aslan, she asks him, “Shall I ever be able to read that story again?...Will you tell it to me, Aslan?”  

“Indeed, I will be telling it to you for years and years,” says the great lion.  

The Gospel is that loveliest story we have ever heard, and I believe that The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe can tell us that story again this summer. It is a tale that can be read aloud to our youngest students, and it is a tale that our Upper School students can lose themselves in.

I highly recommend reading this story aloud with the family. Some of my fondest memories are of nights on the couch with my own children, crunching through the Narnia snow, waiting for the Lion to appear.

Copies abound at Trinity and beyond. You can find the book at any bookstore or download it as an e-book. I can also recommend the audiobook version read by Michael York for those long car trips.

Let this summer’s Trinity Reads take you on a great adventure!

Chip Denton

Note:  The Trinity faculty will also be returning to our roots this summer by reading Frank Gaebelein’s book The Pattern of God’s Truth. This was one of the seminal works Trinity’s original steering committee read in the winter before they founded Trinity, and it remains a great classic about the possibilities for integration of faith and learning. We invite any Trinity parent who wants to take on this task to join us in reading Dr. Gaebelein’s call for meaningful biblical integration in our teaching and learning.



Summer Reading Lists


Lower School Summer Reading

LS Suggested Summer Reading List (includes a Suggested Reading List for Parents)


Middle School Summer Reading

 In addition to participating in Trinity Views, Middle School students should read one of the following books as assigned:

  • Grade 7: The Light in the Forest, by Conrad Richter
  • Grade 8: To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

We do not ask students to write anything about these books over the summer, but students should come to school ready to discuss and write about these books onthe first day of school.

We also encourage Middle School students to read a variety of books that may include some books from Trinity’s MS Suggested Summer Reading List. This is for sheer enjoyment and the pleasure of reading.

MS Suggested Summer Reading List


Upper School Summer Reading

In addition to reading the Trinity Reads book, Upper School students are required to read one other book over the summer as specified below. (If an ISBN is specified, the teacher has requested that students read that edition.)

  • Grade 9  Humanities: Watership Down, by Richard Adams (ISBN: 9780743277709)
  • Grade 10  Humanities: Quo Vadis, by Henryk Sienkiewicz, translated by W. S. Kuniczak (ISBN: 0781805503)
  • Grade 11  Humanities: My Name Is Asher Lev, by Chaim Potok (ISBN: 9781400031047)
  • Grade 12  English:  The two fall semester English classes are listed below. In June, senior families will learn through email and letter which class their student is enrolled in for the fall semester.
    **The Literature of C.S. Lewis:  The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis (ISBN: 9780060652937)
    **The Literature of Modernism:  Things Fall Apart,  by Chinua Achebe (ISBN: 9780385474542)


We do not ask students to write anything about these books over the summer, but students should come prepared to discuss and write about these books on the first day of regular classes. These books are readily available at book stores.

In addition to this, Upper School students are encouraged to read a variety of books that may include some books from Trinity’s US Suggested Summer Reading List. This is for sheer enjoyment and the pleasure of reading.

US Suggested Summer Reading List


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