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Founded in 1995, Trinity School is a community convinced that a vibrant Christian faith fosters a rich and deep education. The Christian education we offer here involves the education of the whole person, created in God's image: We honor the life of the mind through the pursuit of deep understandings. We practice good habits and give students a moral framework for their lives. And we seek to awaken the imagination of students, so that their lives are full of wonder and awe at the works of God and the glories of human culture. A Christian school is well-poised to sustain an education in truth, goodness, and beauty. We invite you to read more about this in Trinity’s mission statement. The faculty and staff of Trinity School bring their unique skills and passions and their love for students to the challenging and rewarding work of education. We take delight in our calling to serve God together at Trinity.

Trinity is accredited by Christian Schools International and the Southern Association of Independent Schools and is a member of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools.

As a condition of employment, candidates must pass a background screening and a complete reference check. Trinity is an equal opportunity employer. No applicant for employment with Trinity shall be subjected to discrimination because of race, color, sex, national origin, disability, or age.

Available Positions

Below are our current open positions. In addition to completing our online application, we request that all applicants submit a cover letter and current resume. Additionally, it is recommended that faculty applicants include college transcripts and licensure certifications.

Applicants for positions at Trinity are asked questions about Trinity’s mission and doctrinal commitments.

Current Employment Opportunities

Learning Specialist

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill has an immediate need for a full-time Learning Specialist.

The role of Learning Specialist is supporting students with learning differences and attention challenges by providing remediation and strategies through direct and indirect services while guiding students through the process of learning about their strengths, challenges, and giftings. This position will likely serve students in the Lower (elementary) and Middle Schools.

Qualifications--Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

  • Has a Masters in Learning Disabilities.
  • Is certified by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in Learning Disabled education or a certification from a state that the candidate is working/has worked in.
  • Has a strong knowledge base in dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia as well as ADHD and executive functioning issues.
  • Has the ability to read, summarize, communicate either verbally or in print about the results from the Psychological-Educational evaluation to parents, teachers, or students.
  • Can assess, identify, and recommend students for formal outside evaluations.
  • Knows the cognitive, social/emotional, physical, developmental stages for young children through adolescent.
  • Knows how to use technology and is knowledgeable about assistive technology for students with learning differences and ADHD.
  • Has the ability to organize and prioritize their time.
  • Has the ability to organize and conduct a meeting; summarize the information and identify the action points; state who is responsible for any follow-up.
  • Stays current with research/websites on learning disabilities/ADHD and reads articles and books regarding issues, techniques, and strategies.


  • Teaches (remediation) identified LD students.
  • Tutors/Reteaches identified LD students.
  • Is a member of the Student Support Team
  • Consults and communicates with teachers, parents, and administrators.
  • Provides resources and strategies that benefit all students for teachers.
  • With support from the supervisor, reads Psychological-Educational evaluations and writes Student Accommodation Plans. Distributes and explains Student Accommodation Plans to parents and teachers.
  • Facilitates and attends meetings with parents and teachers regarding student concerns.
  • Meets with individual parents.
  • Oversees or assists with assessing or testing (eg...ERBs or DIBELS) for Lower School/Middle School.
  • Educates faculty through mini-presentations at Division meetings.
  • Attends professional workshops or conferences.

To apply for this position, qualified candidates should click on this link here and include a cover letter and resume. Candidates may also attach grade transcripts, licenses, certifications and references.

Maternity Leave Upper School Humanities Teacher

Maternity Leave Humanities Teacher

Trinity seeks a maternity leave Humanities teacher to teach in the Upper School from January 7 through mid to late March. Our preference is that the successful candidate will teach a full load for the 3rd Quarter: a section of 9th grade Ancient Civilizations and a section of 10th grade Western Studies, plus also serving as grade 9 Advisor. However, splitting the classes between two maternity teachers is an option.

Trinity’s Humanities courses provide a fully integrated study of history, English, and the Bible for the freshman (Ancient Civilizations), sophomore (Western Studies), and junior years (American Studies); deep understandings of the interconnectedness of ideas, culture, and events; and a rich engagement as developing writers and thinkers. Primary and secondary historical sources and literature in the form of novels, plays, and poetry form the spine of the program’s study, and these are supplemented by study of music and art from within and beyond the relevant time periods. Humanities classes meet six 70-minute periods weekly— twice the amount of time allotted to most other disciplines—and students receive one credit in history and one in English for each Humanities course complete

The courses’ literature, interwoven with the themes (1) God, Philosophy, and Truth, (2) Government and Politics, (3) Social Structure (4) the Impact of Technology and Science, and (5) Art and Aesthetics, includes a variety of novels, plays, and poetry, helps students interconnect and deepen their understandings of ideas and themes, and often serves as the focus of the courses’ frequent and varied writing assignments. The courses also include the study of grammar and vocabulary. The courses integrate the Bible into the five overarching themes, and students study it as a document written within specific historical contexts so that they can appreciate it as both a sacred text and as a primary source.

Humanities goals include deepened fluency in the interconnectedness of ideas and the events that shape them; a rich understanding of historical cultures and their impact on the present; the continued development of persuasive, compelling prose; the solidification of grammar skills; the continued development of a broad and sophisticated vocabulary; refined abilities to read texts closely and analytically; and deepened skill in critical and creative thinking.

Trinity is a highly missional school, and an understanding of and commitment to the school's mission is essential. We seek faculty who love Jesus, teach well, and delight in teenagers, who, at Trinity, range from academically average to exceptional.

Qualities sought for this position include successful experience as an English or history teacher; rich and broad knowledge of literature, history, and scripture; love for writing; superb writing skills; skill at facilitating seminar-style discussions and interconnected “big questions,” running writing workshops, and using instructional technologies; and skill at differentiating learning and assessments. Substantial study of the humanities at the undergraduate and graduate levels and an active life as a reader and writer are preferred. Candidates should possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

In Trinity's young but fast-growing Upper School community, camaraderie, collaboration, showing up for student events, enthusiasm for Trinity's mission, and pitching in for the good of each other and our students are high values. Trinity also values faculty who are involved in school life beyond the classroom and, therefore, applicants who can coach, advise a club, or otherwise enrich our vibrant community.

To apply for this position, qualified candidates should click on this link here and include a cover letter and resume. Candidates may also attach grade transcripts, licenses, certifications and references.

Soccer Coach-Middle School Boys

Middle School Boys Soccer Coach

Trinity School seeks a Middle School Boys Soccer Coach for the Summer/Fall 2019 season.

Qualified candidates will have a Christian commitment consistent with the school's mission and athletic policy. They will be passionate and have a heart for coaching Middle School students. They will also be familiar with the challenges and opportunities of coaching Middle School athletes and have a demonstrated interest in skill development, competition, and genuine enthusiasm for the game.

Middle School Coaches collaborate with Trinity's Varsity Coaches and report to the Trinity School Athletic Director.

Compensation will be discussed during the interview process.

To apply for this position, qualified candidates should click on this link here and include a cover letter and resume. Candidates may also attach grade transcripts, licenses, certifications and references.

Substitute Teachers

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill has an ongoing need for qualified substitute teachers.

Serving as a substitute teacher involves the instruction, supervision and training of individuals or groups of students in a regular education setting. Substitutes work closely with the division director and lead teacher to plan and deliver a Christian education. Substitutes are charged with delivering lessons, organizing student work, maintaining a safe learning environment for all students, and communicating daily with the division director and classroom teacher. Proficiency in maintaining efficient classroom management skills and establishing close and personal relationship with pupils on a daily basis are also expected.


  • 21 years of age or older
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred, Associate’s degree acceptable
  • Previous experience working with children in a structured setting
  • North Carolina Professional Educator certification desired


  • Ability to comply with written and or oral instructions
  • Ability to create an efficient working relationship with other personnel
  • Ability to multitask and be flexible
  • Ability to provide a safe and secure learning environment
  • Ability to encourage and inspire children

To apply, click on the “Apply for a position at Trinity button below to access our Trinity Employment Application. Substitute teacher candidates do not need to complete the full application. (See the application for details.) Attaching a resume would be helpful but not required.

Apply for a Position at Trinity

Activity Bus Driver (Part-Time)

Trinity School has an immediate opening for activity bus drivers to transport students to and from athletic events and occasional field trips. Applicants should possess a valid NC CDL and have a clean driving history. The ideal candidate will have experience in driving a 40+ passenger bus and will have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for students.

To apply for this position, click on the button below entitled “Apply for This Position” and attach a cover letter and resume with your application.


Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

Trinity School is seeking an Assistant Varsity Girls Basketball Coach for the 2019-2020 season. Qualified candidates will have a Christian commitment consistent with the school's mission, a strong coaching background, and will be passionate about coaching Upper School students.

Compensation will be discussed during the interview process.

To apply for this position, qualified candidates should click on this link here and include a cover letter and resume.

Expanded Mission Statement

The mission of Trinity School is to educate students in transitional kindergarten to grade twelve within the framework of Christian faith and conviction—teaching the classical tools of learning; providing a rich yet unhurried curriculum; and communicating truth, goodness, and beauty.

At Trinity School we seek to create a community in which there is delight in learning and an atmosphere that encourages the sort of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic development that is fitting for those who bear the image of God. We want to challenge our students in a way that stimulates their natural curiosity, guiding their discovery toward personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

We offer a more detailed explanation of some of the distinctives of our school here.

Education is primarily the responsibility and privilege of parents, and Trinity School seeks to enter into a partnership with our parents toward the goal of an excellent education. Our aim is to support families by bringing our special resources to bear to help them attain their educational and spiritual goals. To this end, we encourage each family to be actively involved in their child's life as a Trinity student, and we look forward to working together to develop this community of learning called Trinity School.

Read Trinity’s Expanded Mission Statement.

Doctrinal Commitments
Trinity School is a Christian school, dedicated to a vision of education that is rooted in the Triune God. As an independent school, without institutional ties to any church or denomination, we remain committed to what C.S. Lewis called “mere Christianity”: “no insipid inter-denominational transparency, but something positive, self-consistent, and inexhaustible.” We hold to those truths that have united Christians through the ages, across the boundaries of time, place, race, denomination, and tradition:

  • The only true God, the almighty Creator of all things, existing eternally in three persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—full of love and glory.
  • The unique divine inspiration, entire trustworthiness, and authority of the Bible.
  • The value and dignity of all people: created in God’s image to live in love and holiness, but alienated from God and each other because of our sin and guilt, and justly subject to God’s wrath.
  • Jesus Christ, fully human and fully divine, who lived as a perfect example, who assumed the judgment due sinners by dying in our place, and who was bodily raised from the dead and ascended as Savior and Lord.
  • Justification by God’s grace to all who repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation.
  • The indwelling presence and transforming power of the Holy Spirit, who gives to all believers a new life and new calling to obedient service.
  • The unity of all believers in Jesus Christ, manifest in worshiping and witnessing churches making disciples throughout the world.
  • The victorious reign and future personal return of Jesus Christ, who will judge all people with justice and mercy, giving over the unrepentant to eternal condemnation but receiving the redeemed into eternal life.

Full-Time Employment Benefits

  • Competitive salary
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance
  • Matching retirement
  • Immediately vested
  • Tuition remission
  • After-school program faculty discount
  • Flex medical savings
  • Professional development
  • Weekly worship service
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • iPad and/or laptop for faculty and staff

Trinity Distinctives with Trinity’s Head of School