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Flexible Tuition

A Trinity School education is an investment, and we know that families make sacrifices to send their children to Trinity. Even with such sacrifices, though, some families are not able to afford full tuition. For families who apply and qualify, we are able to offer a flexible tuition rate which is a need-based tuition arrangement. It allows families to apply for reduced tuition, in contrast to applying for a grant or award.

The flexible tuition program supports our commitment to making a Trinity education accessible to families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Approximately 25% of our current families pay tuition below the full rate.

How are flexible tuition rates determined?

In order to allocate resources wisely and fairly, Trinity has engaged the help of the TADS service. We invite families who believe that the full cost of a Trinity education would be unsustainable to complete a TADS application which provides a comprehensive need analysis.

The TADS report includes a recommendation of the amount that a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. The Flexible Tuition Committee keeps these recommendations in mind as it carefully assesses Trinity’s resources and determines the level of award for each family, taking into account each family’s unique financial circumstances.

The Flexible Tuition Committee communicates decisions about flexible tuition alongside offers of admission.

What are the tuition payment plan options?

There are four payment plan options for tuition (the amount due after applying the enrollment deposit) for each academic year.




Annual Payment

(One payment)

June 1

A 1% discount is given to those choosing this option.

Semiannual Payment Plan

(Two equal payments)

June 1 and December 1

Quarterly Payment Plan

(Four equal payments)

June 1, September 1, December 1, and March 1

Includes a $100 payment plan fee

Monthly Payment Plan

(Ten equal payments)

Due monthly beginning
June 1

Includes a $100 payment plan fee

* Please note: Trinity School offers families the opportunity to purchase a tuition refund plan and encourages families to review the financial obligations they are committing to in their enrollment contract.