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Welcome International Students

Trinity admits a limited number of students from international countries for admission to grade 9. During the fall of 2017, Trinity welcomed three students from China. Interested students should contact the Admission Office at 919-402-8262, ext 1504, or

Students from China
Trinity has an exclusive agreement with New Oasis to bring students from China to our campus. New Oasis works to bridge the gaps between opportunity and success within international education through industry-leading programs and partnerships, while building trust and fostering goodwill between the local community, international students, alumni, and their families.

We plan to admit at least two international students to grade 9 each year, and New Oasis offers the support needed to interview students, test students, set up a host/home-stay program, and support the school and the student academically, culturally, and socially through the young person's Upper School education at Trinity.

New Oasis is an expert in the field, and they currently partner with more than 60 schools in the U.S. and serve over 400 students and their families.