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Trinity TK–12 Curriculum

Our curriculum maps, which include course descriptions, guide us in achieving our mission of educating students within the framework of Christian faith and conviction—teaching the classical tools of learning; providing a rich yet unhurried education; and communicating truth, goodness, and beauty.

Similar to an old-fashioned road map, our curriculum maps provide our faculty and administration with direction. We are able to identify where a student has been and where they are headed. Simply, we are able to see the “what, why, how, when, and where” of a student’s TK-12 academic journey. These maps assist us in documenting, understanding, and improving our overall academic program.

Trinity shares course descriptions, which are only one component of our curriculum maps. Maps also include enduring understandings, essential questions, content, assessment, skills, learning activities, resources and technology integration, and notes. Our hope is that the course description information will provide a view into our school community.

Trinity Curriculum Map