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Run for Mukhanyo

Run for Mukhanyo | November 10, 2020

This is Trinity School ’s ninth year supporting the mission of MCA. More than ever, these special students need our gifts. This year, giving will look a little different.

•LS students will still have their bottles to fill. This is a tangible way for students to track the money they have pulled together for the kids at MCA.

•We are selling stickers designed by the US student team. The stickers sell for $4.00/each, but you can give more if you want. Be sure to fill out the Google form (link below) with your student’s name and class information after giving online, so we can deliver the sticker to them safely.

Make a Donation

To write a check, please make it out to Friends of Mukhanyo and return in your bottle.

Logistical Information

Our primary goal is to adhere to the safety protocols of the school, which includes maintaining student cohorts.

We will have four areas set up on the day of the event. These are noted on the map below. Each area will have a safe space for students to run laps within their cohort for 15 minutes. There will be another 15 minutes to allow for transitions to and from the buildings.

The Run for MCA team will be present the day of the event. They will have signs to guide students and assist in starting and stopping the running times. The Upper School student team members will remain at a distance and masked during the event. The PE staff will also be on hand to help.

Lower School students should bring their bottles back to school on the day of the run. The PE staff will leave a bucket in each room for them to empty their bottles. They can then put them back in their backpacks and take them home. We will collect the buckets at the end of the day.

We are ready to make this year's run memorable and successful in raising funds!

Mukhanyo Christian Academy

Friends of Mukhanyo is a Christian ministry providing a quality, faith-based education for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa, giving them the opportunity to go beyond daily survival to experiencing lives of accomplishment and service.

Mukhanyo Christian Academy (MCA) was the inspiration of Beth Rettig, a resident of Durham and friend of Trinity School. A lifelong educator, Beth saw the need for a Christian school and took action. In South Africa, public schools are overcrowded and underfunded. Children may sit in multi-grade classrooms packed with as many as 80–100 students. Textbooks, instructional resources, and teachers are often in short supply. Disengagement is common: some 92 percent of children drop out before high school.

For the most vulnerable and at-risk children, especially those orphaned by AIDS, life is a daily struggle. Dire poverty means some may go days without eating. In families without parents, older children may actually serve as the heads of their households. These children carry a heavy burden indeed; as a result, they may not even attend school, instead spending their time finding food to ensure the survival of their families.

The children at Mukhanyo Christian Academy (MCA) are well educated through a faith-based curriculum based on the philosophy of Charlotte Mason that “education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.” We trust they will be prepared to live productively as adults, able to positively participate in the communities in which they live.

To learn and thrive, children need to be in an environment where their basic needs—for love, nurture, food, shelter, and protection—are met. Mukhanyo Christian Academy helps to meet these needs by providing children with a first-class college preparatory education, two nourishing meals each day, and access to health care and social services.



Our first year we raised approximately $10,000. Those funds were used to purchase four toilets for the school.


The second year we raised almost $14,000. The funds helped cover a large portion of the operating budget of the school and helped pay for the addition of another classroom.


In 2014 we raised $12,000. This allowed the school to expand to accommodate 76 students and add a seventh grade.


We raised over $12,000 and focused on how many meals we could help pay for to feed the students. Each dollar covered one meal.


We raised approximately $61,000 collectively these years, enough to cover almost 3 months of MCA's operating budget each year.