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Distinctly Trinity School


Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

The mission of Trinity School is to educate students in transitional kindergarten to grade twelve within the framework of Christian faith and conviction—teaching the classical tools of learning; providing a rich yet unhurried curriculum; and communicating truth, goodness, and beauty.

Christian Faith and Conviction

Trinity is a Christian School. We are thoroughgoing in our Christian faith, but we stand with arms wide open to the world.

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Classical Tools of Learning

Trinity is a classical school, a school that equips students with the wisdom and understanding of those who have gone before us.

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An Unhurried Curriculum

Trinity is a school with an unhurried curriculum. We recognize that learning takes time. Sometimes we need to slow down to learn well.

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A Rich Curriculum

Trinity is a school with a rich curriculum. We think that children, like all of us, have a natural appetite for knowledge and understanding.

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Communicating Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

Trinity seeks to offer an education in truth, goodness, and beauty. Our students grow in mind, soul, and heart.

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Known and Loved

Trinity’s caring teachers and staff and our smaller classes make it possible for each student to be truly known and loved as a unique individual, created in God’s image, with his or her own passions and talents, challenges and strengths.

Philip James

Class of ‘10

I’m excited Trinity is growing. I was in the first graduating class and I’m happy that there are many more teachers and students in the Upper School. Trinity is still offering Greek, Latin, Robotics, and other special courses but keeping the strong components of Christian life. The teachers are incredible. Trinity continues to hire qualified, talented faculty who enjoy young people and are passionate about teaching.

Georgina Keene

Parent, Board of Trustees Member, and Chair of the Koinonia Committee

A kindergarten to twelfth grade Trinity education for our daughter has been the best investment my husband and I have ever made. Our daughter has flourished at Trinity School. Her teachers have influenced and shaped not only her strong academic foundation, but more importantly, her character and her love of learning. As a Board member, I have experienced first-hand the integrity and wholehearted devotion of the leadership at this school. I feel privileged to be a part of the Trinity community.

Spencer Dicks

Middle School History Teacher

I am now in my 8th year here at Trinity. I am immensely grateful for the relationships I have made with students and colleagues over those eight years and the ways those relationships have shaped me personally and professionally. In short, not only am I deeply invested in Trinity, but I feel that Trinity is deeply invested in its students and teachers.

Lucy McLeod

Class of ‘17

As I am quickly approaching the end of my 14 years at Trinity, I cannot help but reflect on the immense impact that Trinity has had on my life. Trinity has taught me the true value of learning through impassioned teachers. It has taught me how to see God in the world by facilitating time for me and other students to explore and discuss our faith. I feel ready to enter the next stage of my life because I am the confident, curious, and competent person that Trinity has helped me become.

Gail Powery

Parent and Active Volunteer

Trinity has reminded me that it takes a village to raise and educate our children. It takes committed faculty and staff in partnership with parents to nurture our children toward academic, social, and spiritual flourishing. Education requires the dedication of an entire community. Trinity is a team like no other.