Classical, Rich & Unhurried


Classical, Rich, Unhurried

Trinity School’s foundational principle is to provide a Christian education. Built on that bedrock, there are three other pillars supporting the atmosphere that is fitting to advance our mission.

Revealing truth, goodness, and beauty all along the way, these principles are not just abstract ideals: they are deeply integrated into every aspect of our learning environment, shaping the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of our students.

Our curriculum celebrates the classical tradition, focusing on the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty through the exploration of Western thought and literature. This classical approach cultivates critical thinking and an appreciation for our cultural heritage. Complementing this, we offer a rich educational experience that goes beyond traditional academics to incorporate a wide range of subjects and activities that foster each student's unique interests and talents.

Moreover, we adopt an unhurried approach to learning, valuing the time and space necessary for students to thoroughly engage and reflect on their studies. This philosophy lays a foundation for a balanced and thoughtful educational environment that nurtures long-term intellectual curiosity and respects the individual learning pace of each student.


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Classical Education: Timeless Wisdom, Modern Relevance

Classical education at Trinity School is a journey through the rich tapestry of human knowledge and thought. We delve into the profound depths of literature, history, and philosophy, nourishing a deep appreciation for the foundational works that have shaped civilizations. Our students engage with the great thinkers, from Plato to Shakespeare and beyond, discovering enduring truths and growing critical thinking skills that resonate in today's world.

This method is not just about learning facts but developing a mindset that values wisdom, eloquence, and moral virtue. Our curriculum is designed to challenge students intellectually while guiding them toward personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

By bridging the ancient and the modern, Trinity students become well-rounded individuals who are equipped to lead with wisdom and integrity in a complex world.

Rich Education: Depth and Diversity of Learning

A rich education at Trinity School transcends the conventional: it's about engaging with a curriculum that ignites curiosity and passion. Our approach is holistic, integrating a variety of disciplines from the arts and sciences to theology, ensuring that students receive a balanced and comprehensive education.

We believe that learning should be an adventure of discovery. Each subject is taught with depth and rigor, encouraging students to delve deeply and think critically. This approach nurtures a love for learning, creativity, and an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the world.

Trinity's classrooms are vibrant hubs of ideas and inspiration, where each student's perspective is valued, and their intellectual growth is nurtured in a supportive community.

Unhurried Education: Cultivating Wisdom at a Thoughtful Pace

In a world that often rushes, we believe in the value of savoring the learning process. Our unhurried approach allows students to deeply understand and reflect on what they learn, fostering genuine comprehension and lasting knowledge.

We prioritize a balanced school life, ensuring that students have the time to explore their interests, develop their talents, and simply be children.

This philosophy extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to participate in extracurricular activities, community service, and spiritual development. Our goal is to cultivate not just academically successful students but well-rounded, thoughtful individuals who are prepared to face life's challenges with grace and resilience.

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  • Kingdom Diversity

    Our Christian mission fosters unity, equity, and inclusivity, embracing all backgrounds to enrich faith and learning.

  • Our Faculty

    With an average of 11+ years of experience, our educators ensure each student thrives in a personalized environment.

  • Campus & Location

    Uncover the tranquil essence of Trinity School in Durham, North Carolina, nestled between trails, creeks, and forests.

  • Classical, Rich & Unhurried

    With Trinity's unique approach to education, classical wisdom meets rich learning in an unhurried environment.

  • Our Faith

    At Trinity, our Christian faith deeply informs our educational ethos, welcoming diversity and fostering excellence.