Trinity's Middle School provides a rich arts education with dedicated faculty offering courses in art, music, musical theater, band, strings ensemble, and chorus. Seventh grade Music builds on previous music skills and uses cooperative learning to explore different historical periods of music. Eighth grade Music delves into American musical theatre culminating in scene performances. Seventh and eighth grade Art emphasizes fundamental techniques and art history concepts that allow students to create 2D and 3D projects in a studio environment.

The Arts at Trinity nurture an appreciation for reflections of God’s glory and beauty in nature, in the arts, in culture, and in human relationships. Trinity recognizes that God is the source and grounding of all beauty and, when we as humans create, we reflect the image of our creator god. The arts expose students to expressions of beauty and cultivate the imagination, developing every student’s ability to creatively express God’s truth, goodness, and beauty.

The mission of the visual arts program at Trinity is to nurture an appreciation for the beautiful and cultivate an ability to create such beauty through hands-on, inquisitive explorations of art materials, artists, and the surrounding world. The music curriculum seeks to awaken in students a love for music through immersion in the study and performance of a rich variety of genres, cultures, and time periods. Theatre classes help students explore how body, mind, and emotions work in concert to communicate a story with authenticity and vulnerability. 

The pursuit of excellence in artistic endeavors mirrors God's truth, goodness, and beauty while preparing students to use their gifts beyond Trinity in service of others and for the glory of God.

Visual Arts

Middle School Visual Arts expands the foundations built in Lower School, introduces principles of design, and encourages students to take new risks and push out of their comfort zones.  In art class, students work with their hands to create artistic pieces that reflect God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. Students experience a wide variety of media and learn, not only the Elements of Art and their various techniques, but how to work more independently and collaboratively.  

In Visual Art, students expand upon their understanding of artistic practices by exploring the world of visual art.

Throughout the semester, students discover, explore, experiment, and stretch as they work through the creative process to develop independent artwork at their own pace.

Through their artistic creations, students also explore an artist’s unique perspective of the world and how to move past realistic representation into creative and personal expression. Along the way, they delve into the exciting world of visual art, practicing and strengthening valuable skills such as creative thinking, ideation, problem solving, collaboration, and perseverance.


Middle School Music encompasses an overview of Western and church music history, American Musical Theatre, and performance techniques. The seventh grade curriculum is filled with singing, dancing, music history, and instrumental ensembles. The eighth grade music curriculum provides an overview of the history of American musical theatre, emphasizing its development and its importance in American heritage and culture.

This immersive journey of performing, creating, and responding to music equips Trinity students with essential skills like attentive listening, critical questioning, collaboration and exploration that allow them to engage with challenging, meaningful, and diverse musical opportunities extending beyond the classroom.


Middle School Drama resource is a class in which seventh and eighth grade students take a story from the script to a fully developed performance on the stage. Students develop and act a character, memorize lines, discover successful performance techniques, and share their work with an audience. Additionally, students explore how all the elements of the technical side of theater work together to tell a cohesive story.


In Concert Band, students explore what it takes to play a wind, brass, or percussion instrument and make music together in an ensemble. With a focus on producing consistent sound/tone on the instrument and developing correct technique, students examine important aspects of musicianship such as reading, listening, and rehearsal procedure and etiquette.

Students grow in musicianship by listening to and performing a rich and varied repertoire of music as they learn and improve technique on a band instrument. The band performs several times throughout the semester.

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