International Students


International Students

Trinity School is SEVIS certified to issue F-1/I-20 Visa paperwork, and seeks to admit international students to grades 9–11. Trinity has welcomed students from China, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Australia, and the United Kingdom.


International students sharing a meal together

Meet a Trinity School Lion: Qianrui Li 

  • Trinity School, Class of 2021
  • UNC-Chapel Hill, Class of 2025
  • First Graduate of New Oasis International
Education Program
  • Cross Country Team Captain and 4-year letter winner
  • Cross Country All-State and All-TriTac
  • Trinity Scholar
  • Honor Council
  • Capstone: Visual Arts with an Emphasis on

“During my four years at Trinity, I explored different new things and bonded with different people: running cross-country, painting art, performing on stage, and doing fun activities with my three host families.

I am grateful for the people I met at Trinity-my friends, my teachers, my coaches-who were nice to me and supported me along the way. I am also grateful for all the fun moments I had with these people outside of school, including hanging out, watching movies, driving to Virginia, and traveling to Florida, Kiawah Island, New York, and Morehead City. I was fortunate to learn different things from each person I have bonded with. As a matter of fact, the beauty and kindness of these people have shaped who I am today.”

International Education Partnership

Trinity is a proud partner of TBI/New Oasis, an expert in the field of international education. TBI currently partners with more than 60 schools in the U.S. and serves over 400 students and their families. Trinity School is happy to be one of them.

TBI/New Oasis works to bridge the gaps between opportunity and success within international education by supporting students applying internationally to grades 9–11 each year.

They do this through industry-leading programs and partnerships while building trust and fostering goodwill between the local community, international students, alumni, and their families.

TBI/New Oasis supports students by helping navigate the admission process, arranging a host family, and monitoring the home-stay experience. They also ensure students are academically, culturally, and socially supported throughout their Upper School career at Trinity.

Host Families: Yolanda's Story

At Trinity School, we take great pride in our commitment to welcoming international students with open arms. Our school community understands the importance of making students from around the world feel at home, and host families play a crucial role in this process.

Through our host family program, international students are paired with caring families who provide them with a warm and supportive environment. These families not only offer a place to stay but also become mentors, guiding the students through their transition and offering insights into the local culture. By fostering meaningful connections and providing support, our host families help international students feel welcome and supported, ensuring their smooth integration into our school community and aiding in their personal and academic development.

“We feel like we hit the jackpot when we welcomed Yolanda, who was 15 at the time. It’s exciting to watch her learn, grow, and mature as she furthers her education. It’s rewarding, too, to help her envision her future after graduation.


At home, Yolanda has been a blessing to our family, especially as a `big sister’ to our children. Truly, she has folded into our family, traveling with us, celebrating holidays with us and, at the most mundane level, simply ‘doing life’ with us.

As much of a blessing as it is to a student to open your home, share meals and provide transportation, the far greater blessing is the mutual relationship that develops over the weeks and months and perhaps even years. We highly recommend becoming a host family!”

Rebecca & Nathan Clendenin
Host Family of Yolanda Liu, Class of 2021


A family of five with two adults and three children posing for a photo at a baseball stadium during dusk. They are smiling and wearing casual sporting attire, with the baseball field and stadium seats in the background.

Taking the next steps

International families interested in applying to Trinity should contact Lori Winters, Director of Enrollment Management, via email, or at 919-402-8262, ext 2512.

International students are required to follow all application requirements and students for whom English is a second language are also required to submit a TOEFL or recent English proficiency test score with a copy of their passport. An international student fee of $2,500 applies to all applicants requiring an F-1 Visa.

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