At Trinity Middle School, we offer a transformative educational experience where students engage in a journey of intellectual and personal growth. Our curriculum, rich and diverse, caters to the unique needs and potentials of these students to prepare them for the academic challenges of Upper School and beyond.

At the core of our approach is the recognition that the middle school years, often perceived as challenging, are ripe with potential for growth and learning. Our dedicated faculty members are not just educators; they are mentors and guides, deeply committed to nurturing and understanding each student. This expertise and empathy create a nurturing academic environment that transcends traditional learning and turns these pivotal years into a collection of fruitful and enriching experiences.

Trinity's Middle School offers a rich curriculum with teachers who invest in the academic and personal success of students while providing the challenge and support necessary for them to recognize and develop their God-given gifts.

Using primary sources and classic literature alongside experiment and investigation, teachers introduce students to the “big questions” and teach them to inquire, research, and think for themselves. Trinity Middle School students develop crucial reading and writing skills that will equip them for a lifetime of intellectual and personal engagement.

Trinity Middle School’s academic approach is tailored to harness the creativity and sociability of adolescence, encouraging critical thinking and interdisciplinary connections.

Students attend the core academic classes of Math, Science, Language Arts, and History but also take classes in Latin, Bible, Physical Education, Logic, and Life Skills. Students engage in diverse projects, from research papers and science experiments to oral presentations and biblical exposition. These projects are designed to develop essential academic habits and skills. Resource electives, ranging from engineering to the arts and athletics, provide avenues for students to explore and excel in other areas of interest. These learning experiences in the Middle School are designed to stretch students intellectually and creatively.

In addition to academics, all members of the Middle School community meet once a week for Sanctuary, a time of worship and Biblical study, while Homeroom and Morning Meetings set the tone for each day by offering time for prayer and collective growth.

Trinity Middle School isn’t just a preparatory step; it's a vibrant community where students are valued and guided on a path of intellectual discovery and personal growth, learning to harness their God-given gifts.

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  • Athletics

    Trinity School's Middle School Athletics offers comprehensive sports programs for 6th to 8th graders across three seasons.

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    Dive into Trinity Middle School's vibrant arts education, offering art, music, musical theater, band, and more.

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    Our comprehensive support services include tailored learning accommodations and holistic counseling.

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    Explore Trinity Middle School's rich and unique curriculum, focusing on intellectual and personal growth.

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    Discover our After Care program, a space for students to grow and learn with experienced educators.