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Learning Services

The mission of Learning Services at Trinity School is to educate students with the support needed to participate in our rich, unhurried, classical, and Christian mission. We seek to foster students' delight in the truth, goodness, and beauty of learning and create spaces where children can know their giftings as created image-bearers of God.

Upper School Learning Services emphasizes student advocacy, voice, and responsibility. Our Learning Specialists work with students with diagnosed learning differences to address learning needs and regularly meet with teachers to implement accommodations in the classroom. Students can also receive additional support with executive functioning, organizational skills, and content support through our Academic Skills course or in individualized sessions during study hall periods. Learning support focuses on providing personalized learning strategies tailored to the student’s individual learning profiles, advocating for accommodations, and receiving remediation and additional academic instruction as needed. Students with educational evaluations may be eligible for accommodations on standardized testing through the ACT and the College Board. 

Foreign language requirements are an integral part of the Upper School curriculum. Many students with documented difficulties struggle with learning a foreign language. In an effort to be aligned with our school’s mission, Learning Services offers Essential Spanish or a third-year foreign language exemption to make this requirement accessible to all students.

Our Student Support Services are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment where students can thrive academically, socially, and spiritually.

School Counseling 

Trinity’s counseling program takes a holistic view of mental health, desiring that our students mature into emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually healthy adults with an understanding of the person that God created them to be.  

Our counseling program looks different across the various schools of Trinity as student needs change through the course of their development. While we are not equipped to provide psychological testing, long-term individual therapy, or separate instructional settings for students with high needs, we strive to link our families to a variety of services within the community at large.


Trinity’s school counseling program provides families with:

  • Classroom guidance lessons, especially in Lower and Middle School.
  • Small student groups.
  • Short-term individual student sessions.
  • Coordination of Care with off-campus mental health professionals.
  • Parent and faculty consultations regarding student concerns.
  • Crisis preparation and intervention Resources and training for families and faculty.

We believe that God created each student uniquely and with purpose. We also acknowledge that faith development often grows deeper through hard times and seasons of doubt.

Trinity’s counseling department seeks to provide a non-judgmental space where students can wrestle with tough questions at their own unhurried pace and know that they are not alone.

As we serve the mental health needs of our students, we rest in the notion that beauty, goodness, and truth are God’s fingerprints and seek to acknowledge these as we journey together toward maturity.

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