At Trinity, we take great pride in the accomplishments of our alumni. Over the first 15 years, our 538 graduates have earned an impressive array of scholarships and accolades. Highlights include 14 full scholarships covering tuition, room, and board.

Among these awards are four Morehead-Cain Scholarships at UNC and prestigious awards from institutions like Duke University, Columbia University, Furman University, Loyola University Chicago, and Wake Forest University. Our graduates have also secured appointments at the US Naval and Air Force Academies and won an ROTC Scholarship at Davidson College. Additionally, students have achieved eight Division I athletic scholarships, 20 Governor’s School placements, and numerous National Merit recognitions. In total, our students have been awarded over $20 million in merit-based scholarships, a testament to their hard work and dedication.

Trinity School Profile

Discover Trinity School's 2023-2024 Upper School Profile: an insightful journey through our mission-driven education, diverse student body, accredited programs, and exceptional faculty. Explore our rigorous curriculum, unique academic opportunities, and the remarkable achievements of our graduates, all within a vibrant community emphasizing personal and spiritual growth.

Upper School Profile

Trinity School proudly celebrates the achievements of our graduates, who have earned over $20 million in scholarships and accolades, including

prestigious Morehead-Cain Scholarships and

athletic scholarships.

History of Matriculations 2010–2023



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History of Matriculations 2010–2023



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  • Athletics

    Athletics extends our mission to the field, emphasizing character development, teamwork, and leadership through sports.

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    Our Upper School Arts Program encouraging creative expression through visual arts, music, and theatre.

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    Trinity School's Upper School Student Support Services are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment.

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    We celebrate our graduates' achievements, totaling over $18M in scholarships and accolades.

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    Explore Trinity Upper School's inquiry-based curriculum, designed for the 21st-century learner.