Trinity's Upper School teaches skills important for success in the 21st century “idea” economy by offering courses like Robotics and Model UN Global Studies that emphasize collaboration and problem-solving. Our curriculum integrates innovative projects across various disciplines, encouraging students to engage deeply with big questions and creative challenges.

Our approach eschews the traditional Advanced Placement model in favor of in-depth learning, fostering understanding over mere coverage. With high academic standards, Trinity offers advanced courses in Physics, Calculus, and Languages, as well as Honors seminars, all designed to challenge and stimulate intellectual growth.

We offer both college preparatory and honors levels in core subjects, catering to a wide range of learning styles and academic needs. Our diverse course offerings ensure that every student is engaged at the right level, promoting a balanced and comprehensive educational experience.

At Trinity, we understand the importance of creating an environment that nurtures personal and intellectual development. Our faculty combines high academic expectations with a nurturing Christian context, ensuring a learning experience that is both challenging and supportive.


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STEM Education

Starting with modeling-based physics, our curriculum offers both honors and college prep courses in all major sciences and mathematics. The state-of-the-art Arts and Engineering Building serves as a hub for creativity and practical application in STEM fields.

The scaffolding approach to these courses provide our STEM students with a breadth and depth of knowledge in the various disciplines of engineering and computer programming. 


In the interdisciplinary great books tradition, all students in grades 9–11 explore ancient and modern ideas, literature, history, art, and faith. Humanities classes meet twice the time allotted to other disciplines and satisfy graduation requirements for both English and history.

Students in Honors Humanities engage yearlong with an approved ‘big question.’  Then, through substantial research and guidance from their teacher, these students produce, broadcast, and defend a recording of their research findings, allowing everyone to benefit from their learning.

By providing support and accommodations, we empower students to understand their learning styles and advocate for themselves.

Service Learning and Leadership

Partnering with local nonprofits, we offer service opportunities that instill Christ-like humility and servant-leadership skills.


Winterim, a unique program at Trinity School, spans six days after Christmas break. It engages Upper School students in diverse learning experiences outside their regular curriculum. Students choose two courses—one in the morning and another in the afternoon—focusing on areas of interest or exploring new ones. These ungraded courses emphasize project-based learning and experiential activities.

Senior Capstone

A graduation requirement, this program allows students to undertake semester-long independent projects, ranging from scientific research to creative endeavors.

College Preparation and Success

Trinity’s college preparatory curriculum ensures that our graduates are well-equipped for higher education and life beyond.

With a high college matriculation rate, our students are recognized with prestigious scholarships and awards, reflecting their readiness for academic and personal success.

Our college counseling program assists all Upper School students and families as they prepare for life after Trinity.

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    Athletics extends our mission to the field, emphasizing character development, teamwork, and leadership through sports.

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    Our Upper School Arts Program encouraging creative expression through visual arts, music, and theatre.

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    Trinity School's Upper School Student Support Services are dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment.

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    We celebrate our graduates' achievements, totaling over $18M in scholarships and accolades.

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    Explore Trinity Upper School's inquiry-based curriculum, designed for the 21st-century learner.