Our Faculty


Our Faculty

At Trinity School, our faculty and staff are the heartbeat of our mission, bringing it to life each day with dedication and passion. Our team is not just academically accomplished but also deeply committed to fostering a nurturing and enriching learning environment.

Our educators create a vibrant, interactive educational landscape where the principles of Charlotte Mason and classical education blend seamlessly to emphasize character development and the joy of lifelong learning. In an intimate classroom setting, they offer personalized attention to ensure that every child feels valued and understood.

Beyond academic achievements, our teachers focus on character building to instill values of respect, responsibility, and learning that transcend the classroom walls.

At Trinity, our teachers and administrators serve as mentors, guides, and caring adults who truly know and love each student. These professionals work together to craft an atmosphere where every child can not only grow but thrive.

With more than 11 years of instructional experience on average, our teachers are seasoned professionals who excel in connecting with each student, recognizing their unique potential and nurturing their innate curiosity.


of the faculty at Trinity School have an advanced degree, either a master's degree or a PhD.


of the faculty possess a terminal degree (for example, a PhD). ​


of the faculty at Trinity School have been teaching for 10 years or more.

Faculty & Staff Directory

Our public directory is currently under development. For current Trinity Parents, Faculty, and Staff, you can access the directory within your Veracross portal.

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  • Kingdom Diversity

    Our Christian mission fosters unity, equity, and inclusivity, embracing all backgrounds to enrich faith and learning.

  • Our Faculty

    With an average of 11+ years of experience, our educators ensure each student thrives in a personalized environment.

  • Campus & Location

    Uncover the tranquil essence of Trinity School in Durham, North Carolina, nestled between trails, creeks, and forests.

  • Classical, Rich & Unhurried

    With Trinity's unique approach to education, classical wisdom meets rich learning in an unhurried environment.

  • Our Faith

    At Trinity, our Christian faith deeply informs our educational ethos, welcoming diversity and fostering excellence.