At Trinity School, we recognize the vital role of play and physical activity in the holistic development of children, particularly in the Lower School years. Drawing inspiration from the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason and other classical educators, we believe that play is not merely a break from learning but an integral part of it.

Charlotte Mason, a proponent of nurturing the whole child, emphasized the importance of outdoor activities and the nourishment they provide to the mind and body.

In our Lower School, recess and physical education (PE) are crucial components of our educational approach. These activities foster physical health, encourage social interaction, and support cognitive development as well as improve physical literacy. They allow students to explore, imagine, and engage with the world around them in ways that are natural and joyful. In line with the classical education tradition, these activities cultivate essential virtues such as teamwork, perseverance, and respect for others.

By integrating structured PE classes with the freedom of recess, we provide a balanced approach to physical and character development. This philosophy supports our mission to create a learning atmosphere where children thrive not only academically but also in their physical, social, and emotional growth.

Girls on the Run: An Empowering Opportunity

Girls on the Run, a national program designed for 3rd to 5th grade girls, offers a unique blend of physical activity and positive youth development. This program, which typically runs for 10 weeks with two practices a week, culminates in a celebratory 5K event​​.

Girls on the Run is more than just a running program. It nurtures personal growth and builds confidence, competence, character, and connections with others. The program makes a remarkable impact, with 85% of participants improving in these core areas. Additionally, it promotes a significant increase in physical activity, especially among the least active participants at the start of the season​​.

By participating in Girls on the Run, girls engage in a comprehensive experience that combines the joy of physical activity with vital life skills. It's an interactive and fun way to encourage personal development, empower young girls, and foster a community spirit that aligns perfectly with our school's commitment to holistic education​​​.

Our program, influenced by Charlotte Mason's holistic approach, integrates physical education with recess, emphasizing the development of teamwork, perseverance, and respect.

Team Sports 

Starting in grade 6, students are eligible to participate in the athletic program. These are formative years and athletics plays a huge part in that growth and development. Being part of a team helps students build lasting friendships, learn about cooperation, and develop a sense of belonging. Fundamentals are key at this level.

Whether on the basketball court, the soccer field, or any other sporting arena, there’s a place for every student to explore their interests and talents. 

Visit the Middle School Athletics page for more information.

Middle School Athletics

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