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MIDDLE SCHOOLTransformative Middle Years

Middle School at Trinity is a transformative period marked by growth and self-discovery. Our division's mission is to lovingly shepherd students through these crucial adolescent years, anchoring them in a faithful and God-centered environment guided by the wisdom of 2 Peter 3:1 which urges us to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

With the guidance of our dedicated educators and through a classical education model, Trinity's Middle School students not only uncover their optimal learning styles but also deepen their trust in God's grace and His purpose in shaping their identities. Amidst the ever-changing landscape of middle school life where interests shift, friendships evolve, and self-identity is a persistent question, our students embark on a journey to answer the fundamental question, “Who am I?”

The students start their time in middle school as children and they leave as full-fledged teenagers. We embrace the opportunity to partner with families and shepherd their children in this crucial phase of development.

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Our aim for Middle Schoolers is to deepen their Christian faith and incorporate it into their identity and actions. In this sense, we view discipline as an opportunity for spiritual reflection. Our goal is to nurture spiritual growth through regular corporate worship, daily homeroom devotions, and yearlong Scripture study.


  • Middle School Athletics

    Trinity’s Middle School athletics program provides three full seasons of interscholastic sports for sixth through eighth graders. Our approach centers on character development, a love for the game, and the mastering of fundamental skills. The Middle School sports framework prioritizes skill enhancement with team selection based on training progress and attainment of athletic goals.

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  • Arts in Middle School

    Trinity's Middle School provides a rich arts education with dedicated faculty offering courses in art, music, musical theater, band, strings ensemble, and chorus. Seventh grade Music builds on previous music skills and uses cooperative learning to explore different historical periods of music. Eighth grade Music delves into American musical theatre culminating in scene performances. Seventh and eighth grade Art emphasizes fundamental techniques and art history concepts that allow students to create 2D and 3D projects in a studio environment.

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  • Athletics

    Trinity School's Middle School Athletics offers comprehensive sports programs for 6th to 8th graders across three seasons.

  • Arts

    Dive into Trinity Middle School's vibrant arts education, offering art, music, musical theater, band, and more.

  • Student Support

    Our comprehensive support services include tailored learning accommodations and holistic counseling.

  • Academic

    Explore Trinity Middle School's rich and unique curriculum, focusing on intellectual and personal growth.

  • After Care

    Discover our After Care program, a space for students to grow and learn with experienced educators.