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Trinity School has more than 100 faculty and staff members. We’d love for you to get to know us by viewing our profiles below.

Faculty Directory

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Leslie Alkins

Trinity Neighborhood Staff

Olga App

Fourth Grade Teacher

Morgan Arant

Middle School Latin Teacher

Leah Baker

Dean of Students

Sarah Brignoni

Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Missy Brinegar

Upper School Ceramics Teacher

Micah Buchanan

Lower School Latin Teacher

Cathleen Buckley

6th grade Science and Bible teacher

Julie Burson

Lower School Librarian

Ashley Cade

7th-9th Grade Learning Specialist

Joy Campbell

Director of Trinity Neighborhood and Camp Programs

Candace Cansler

Assistant Director of Enrollment Management

Andrew Carlson

Upper School Humanities Teacher

Laura Caulfield

Upper School Humanities Teacher

Amy Chauncey

Director of Lower School

Lisa Chetelat

Administrative Assistant to Enrollment Management

Donna Clark

College Counseling Program Manager

Nathan Clendenin

Assistant Director of Advancement for Marketing and Communications

Mike Colby

Upper School Humanities Teacher
1 2 3 7 > showing 1 - 20 of 126 constituents