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Mission and History

The Mission of Trinity School

The mission of Trinity School is to educate students in transitional kindergarten to grade twelve within the framework of Christian faith and conviction—teaching the classical tools of learning; providing a rich yet unhurried education; and communicating truth, goodness, and beauty.

At Trinity School we seek to create a community in which there is delight in learning and an atmosphere that encourages the sort of intellectual, moral, and aesthetic development that is fitting for those who bear the image of God. We want to challenge our students in a way that stimulates their natural curiosity, guiding their discovery toward personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

Education is primarily the responsibility and privilege of parents, and Trinity School seeks to enter into a partnership with our parents toward the goal of an excellent education for their students. Our aim is to support families by bringing our special resources to bear to help them attain their educational and spiritual goals. To this end, we encourage each family to be actively involved in their child's life as a Trinity student, and we look forward to working together to develop this community of learning called Trinity School.

“What is special for us regarding the Trinity community is that it is ecumenical. We love interacting with families, teachers, and staff who are from many different backgrounds and who share the common goal of building up one another in Christ.”
Trinity Parent

Learn more about Trinity’s four pillars: Christian, Classical, Rich, and Unhurried.

Distinctives of Trinity School

“Trinity’s strength is in its people. The staff and teachers are passionate about fostering an environment that is full of learning, love, and respect. They celebrate each child’s individual strengths, instilling a deep sense of confidence in them.”
Trinity Parent