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Affording Trinity

2024–2025 Flexible Tuition Ranges

A Trinity School education is an investment, and we know that families make sacrifices to send their children to Trinity. We are committed to working with families from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. Over 30% of our current families pay tuition below the full rate, and Trinity awards up to $2.5 million in tuition assistance annually. Trinity School attempts to cover the cost of attendance as determined by a Clarity analysis, hence the ranges, which you can learn more about below. These rates are set by the Board of Trustees each fall. If families do not apply for need-based tuition assistance through Clarity, they can expect to pay the full tuition cost listed below.

Transitional Kindergarten–Kindergarten $6,560–$16,400
Grades 1–5 $8,890–$22,240
Grades 6–8 $9,980–$24,710
Grades 9–12 $11,640–$29,090

Trinity wasn't on our radar as a real option because of the cost. It wasn't until a friend encouraged us to apply for flexible tuition that we realized that affording a Trinity education could be an option. We have found Trinity's flexible tuition process to be kind, gracious, personal, intentional and generous. Trinity promises to know and love students, and we have experienced this even in the process of applying for flexible tuition. We have felt seen as a family with a story and children whose lives have been profoundly shaped and changed by being at Trinity School. We have experienced the kindness of the Lord in the sweetest way by being on the receiving end of Trinity's flexible tuition.

–Trinity Parent

Affording a Trinity School Education

Independent schools are governed by a Board of Trustees. Each fall, Trinity's Board sets tuition rates. One of the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees is to ensure the long-term financial stability, strength, and viability of the school. The Board is concerned with competitive compensation to attract and retain high-quality teachers, expenses for facility maintenance and improvements, and additional operating costs associated with increased enrollment. The Board also gives careful consideration of financial accessibility to an excellent Trinity education for all families.

Tuition set in

Families apply from November to January

Flexible tuition for
current families
in January
Admission decisions
and flexible tuition
awards communicated
in February and March

$2.5M in tuition assistance awarded

Tuition rates are set at an annual Board meeting.

Families can apply for tuition assistance by submitting a Clarity application.

Current families are notified of any flexible tuition awards during the withdrawal or re-enrollment window. Tuition deposits are paid.

New families are notified of any flexible tuition awards along with their admission decision notification.

Trinity awards up to $2.5M in tuition assistance annually.

Why are there tuition ranges?

Trinity School invites families interested in paying a reduced tuition rate to apply for flexible tuition, a need-based prorated tuition arrangement similar to those used by many private schools, colleges, and universities. For families who are new to Trinity, the 2024–2025 Flexible Tuition application through Clarity is due on or before January 12, 2024.

  • Clarity uses the information submitted in the application to create a need analysis report.
  • A small Flexible Tuition Committee confidentially takes into account each family's unique financial circumstances. The committee reviews the Clarity report and any supplemental information submitted by the family to determine each family's contribution.
  • Families who qualify will see flexible tuition awards next to their continuous enrollment agreement available in January for current families, and February–March for newly admitted families.

Does Trinity offer payment plan options?

There are three payment plan options for tuition (the amount due after applying the tuition deposit).

Option 1: MONTHLY CONTINUOUS PAYMENT PLAN that will begin in April 2024 and end in March 2025 (1/12 of the remaining tuition due after the tuition deposit will be paid on a monthly basis; $100 payment plan fee applies).

Option 2: SINGLE-PAYMENT PLAN in which the family must pay the full tuition by April 1, 2024, for returning and newly enrolled students, in order to receive a 1% full payment discount.

Option 3: TWO-PAYMENT PLAN in which the family must pay half of tuition due on April 1, 2024, and the remaining tuition due on December 1, 2024.

Does Trinity offer tuition insurance or a tuition refund plan?

Signing the continuous enrollment agreement commits families to the full cost of attendance for each academic year. Trinity School offers families the opportunity to purchase a tuition refund plan and encourages families to review the financial obligations they are committing to in their enrollment agreement.