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Flexible Tuition

In order to allocate resources wisely and fairly, Trinity has engaged the help of the TADS service. We invite families interested in paying a prorated tuition amount to complete a TADS application, which provides a comprehensive need analysis.

The TADS report includes a recommendation of the amount that a family should reasonably contribute toward tuition. The Flexible Tuition Committee keeps these recommendations in mind as it carefully assesses Trinity’s resources and determines the level of award for each family, taking into account each family’s unique financial circumstances.

A family’s financial need does not affect a student’s admission decision, which is made by an Admission Committee and is independent of a flexible tuition decision. The Flexible Tuition Committee communicates decisions about flexible tuition alongside offers of admission.

No faculty members are involved on the Flexible Tuition Committee, and they do not know which students in their class receive flexible tuition awards.

It has always been a desire to put our children into a school where they would be known, loved, and free to flourish at their own pace. When we first looked into Trinity, we were sticker shocked and worried about how we could feasibility afford schooling. Without even giving Trinity a try, we looked into other options and moved on. I still regret that decision to this day. I wish we inquired sooner. Eventually, we learned our lesson and placed our daughter into Trinity and have not looked back. Now all three of our children attend Trinity, and the financial assistance program makes this possible.

Trinity Parent