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Middle School Distinctives

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Trinity's Middle School offers a rich curriculum, with teachers who invest in students' academic and personal success while providing an appropriate balance of challenge and support as students learn to recognize and develop their God-given gifts. In addition to the core academic areas of math, science, language arts, and history, Trinity Middle Schoolers take classes in Latin, Bible, physical education, logic, and life skills. The arts are part of the school day, and the division meets once a week for a worship program called Sanctuary.

  • Homerooms or morning meetings begin each day and are a place to pray together and grow throughout the seventh and eighth grade years.
  • Academic lessons capitalize on the creativity and sociability of adolescence, while at the same time pushing students to develop critical thinking skills and recognize connections across the curriculum.
  • Faculty collaborate and break down projects into steps so that students build the habits, skills, and pacing of academic success.
  • Projects include research papers, science lab experiments, oral presentations, biblical exegesis, visual art, drama, and musical performances.
  • Resource electives meet three times a week and typically include engineering, drama, photography, creative writing, debate, chorus, strings, the Christian walk, and band.
  • Athletic teams compete at a high level, with boys and girls teams in soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, cross-country, baseball, volleyball, and track and field.

Hear more about how Trinity classrooms inspire curiosity from one of our eighth grade teachers, Spencer Dicks.