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Alumni Network

Once a lion, always a lion. #Lionsforlife

Show your lion pride by connecting with the Trinity Alumni Network, a community that celebrates the shared memories and achievements that shaped our lives at Trinity School. There are countless ways to get involved and make an impact:


Profile of a Graduate

Share your Trinity experience with others by taking part in our profile of a graduate project.

Guest Speaker Opportunities

Share your expertise and passion with the Trinity community by becoming a guest speaker. Whether it's sharing career insights, personal growth stories, or academic experiences, your voice can inspire and motivate.

Alumni Events and Reunions

Reconnect with old friends and make new ones at our alumni events and reunions. These gatherings offer an excellent opportunity to reminisce about the past, network with fellow alumni, and strengthen bonds within the Trinity family.

Volunteering and Community Service

Give back to the community that shaped your journey by participating in volunteer initiatives and community service projects.

Professional Networking Opportunities

Leverage the Trinity Alumni Network as a powerful resource for professional networking and career advancement. Connect with alumni across various industries and support each other's professional endeavors.

Alumni Fundraising and Scholarships

Contribute to the growth of Trinity School by investing financially at Trinity. Click to learn more.

Spread the Word

Help us expand the reach of Trinity's impact by spreading the word. Share your Trinity story on social media or with your network to inspire others to join our community.

Update Your Information

Have you recently gotten married or changed addresses? Use the form below to send us your updated information.