Learning Specialist


Learning Specialist

Trinity School is seeking a qualified Lower School Learning Specialist ( interested in joining a developing team that aims to strengthen the services available to our community.

Ideal candidates would have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in Special Education or Elementary Education, one to three years of teaching experience in the field, and an excellent understanding of early childhood development, academic interventions, and learning differences.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Understands a variety of learning challenges and instinctively responds to address those concerns by implementing interventions, accommodations, and work plans for early learners.
  • Runs small intervention groups based on progress monitoring data in the areas of executive functioning, sensory processing, emotional regulation, etc.
  • Helps teachers provide supplemental materials for students.
  • Develops natural and vibrant relationships with various learners, approaching instruction with grace, flexibility, understanding, and empowerment.
  • Collaborates and forms strong relationships with parents, faculty, and administration to guide educational decisions for student needs.
  • Uses progress monitoring data and resources to process student referrals: works alongside families and teachers to manage student referrals and determine intervention groups based on student needs and concerns.
  • Provides ongoing assessment and progress monitoring to monitor and evaluate student goals, services, interventions, and accommodations.
  • Provides faculty with resources, strategies, and support to accommodate and differentiate instruction for students with learning differences.
  • Helps families make informed decisions on the educational evaluation process.
  • Reads and interprets psychological-educational evaluations to provide appropriate accommodations and support for students.
  • Serves as Case Manager by developing and implementing student Accommodation Plans, running follow-up meetings, and tracking progress for identified students.
  • Remains informed of current research and pedagogical practices for students with learning disabilities.
  • Is a flexible, collaborative, and driven worker: a team member who is dedicated to supporting the vision and mission of Trinity.
  • Values inclusion, equity, and a person-first practice of support.


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Special Education
  • A current Teacher’s License is desired.
  • A mature Christian faith with the belief that part of their Christian mission is to form, shape, and love struggling students.
  • Easily connects with young learners.
  • Has a strong ability to understand and advocate for struggling learners.
  • Has the ability to create a safe and supportive learning environment that helps students feel successful.

To be considered, qualified candidates should attach a cover letter, their resume, and the Trinity application, along with other supporting documents such as college transcripts and certifications.

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