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Laying Down the Rails in TK and K

Trinity’s transitional kindergarten and kindergarten programs provide a wonderful foundation for our youngest learners. In both TK and K, class sizes are small. With just 12 students for each of our homerooms, each class is able to offer a rich, age-appropriate curriculum. In addition to the homeroom teacher, each class has a dedicated full-time assistant.

Students in TK and K have the opportunity to benefit from our Singapore Math curriculum; a strong language arts curriculum; weekly classes in music, art, and PE; field trips and special celebrations; and extensive outdoor play.

"We enrolled our son Liam in TK mid-semester. In the midst of a very uncertain time for everyone, including educators.

We all felt safe and welcomed from day one, by children and adults alike. Indeed—and this is what makes Trinity stand out—our family felt loved.

Everyone at Trinity has displayed the sort of faith, dedication, and leadership qualities we hope our children to develop.

The high quality of Trinity’s pedagogy comes through in every TK activity. Every interaction, every email communication, every event displays the thread of excellence.

Trinity is a one-of-a-kind institution. With each new cohort, the school develops the kind of loving, strong, open-minded young men and women the world needs."

"If you are on the fence about the value of enrolling your child at Trinity, we hope you will allow Trinity to take your hand and bring you into its family."
–The Dongre Family

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FAQs about Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten

A Day in the Life of TK and K