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Hundred Acre Woods and Playground

Lower School Playground Rules

Playing on the Lower School playground and in the Hundred Acre Woods after school is an activity that many of our children enjoy. It is the type of play that is unstructured and unhurried and crosses the boundaries of ages and grades. This is a wonderful community time for our children and parents.

To help keep this time safe and enjoyable for all, please observe the following rules:

  • All children must have a parent or designated adult supervising them at all times. The adult must remain on the playground or in the Hundred Acre Woods area and is responsible for enforcing the playground rules.
  • Students who will be staying to play on the playground should not wait for their friends on the front porch, but instead go with their parent or other adult over to the playground on the side of the building.
  • For safety reasons, during afternoon carpool (2:30–2:45 p.m.), students must play at the back of the playground by the Goric play structure. No ball games are permitted from 2:30–2:45 p.m.
  • Supervising parents or adults have the authority to enforce the safety rules between 2:30–2:45 p.m., even if the children involved are not their own.
  • Children may play in the Hundred Acre Woods after the orange cones are put across the driveway and the gate has been closed.
  • After 3:00 p.m., students must be accompanied by an adult when entering the school building to use the restroom or retrieve any of their belongings. Children may not enter the school to use the water fountain.
  • The Alley Way (the sidewalk between the Lower School and South Buildings) is not part of the playground area. This area is used for sixth-grade afternoon carpool. No running or ball games are permitted in the Alley Way.
  • All drivers must park in marked parking spaces in Trinity's parking lot. Please do not park on the grass or create your own parking spaces.