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Middle School Academic Life

Middle schoolers are ready for and interested in deeper thinking. They ask ethical questions as they seek to understand themselves and their world. They become more aware of the rich relationship between creative and logical thought. They are capable of making sophisticated connections, a necessary step on the climb toward high-level synthesis. Some won’t get there until Upper School; some already have arrived.

Our Middle School program offers students high expectations and an engaging curriculum to help them understand their gifts, how they learn, and what to continue refining before grades "count" in Upper School. These goals, along with continued refinement of the skills and concepts they will need to flourish in Upper School courses, frame the main academic purposes of our teaching.

Just as importantly, Trinity's Middle School faculty love and understand our Middle School students. In one way, we see our academic program as a vehicle for shepherding these students through years often regarded as the most difficult—but which can bear much fruit.