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Middle School Student Life

Middle school should be about more than academics. It needs, too, to be a place that cares about students’ moral, spiritual, and social development and that helps students discover their God-given gifts and interests and deepen friendships.

To provide such a learning experience, we place a high priority on shepherding students in a healthy and welcoming environment to be humble, thoughtful, and respectful young people who delight in and trust the Lord. We’d never claim complete success in this, but with lots of intentional effort, we make headway, and we’re often told that our students are less “cliquey” than those found in a typical middle school.

To be such a place, we also offer lots of co-curricular and special program opportunities: superb athletics, a wide variety of after-school clubs, off-campus trips, and Student Council–sponsored dances and other events like game nights and bowling outings. At the end of the year, our eighth graders are assigned a virtue during the closing Eighth Grade Celebration.

Middle School Student Life

Athletics | Grades 6–8

The Trinity School Middle School athletics program offers three full seasons of interscholastic sports for students in grades 6–8. The program focuses on development of character (faith), love of the game, and developing fundamental skills. The Middle School sports model puts emphasis on skill development for the first portion of the season and teams selection is based on training sessions and development of athletic goals.

Middle school students can participate in the following teams:


Cross Country, Girls Tennis
Boys Soccer, Girls Volleyball

Girls and Boys Basketball
Swimming (Grades 7 and 8)

Boys Tennis, Girls Soccer
Track and Field

Athlete Commitments
Athletes in soccer and volleyball should expect to participate in sporting activities four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday); athletes in cross country and tennis should expect to participate in sporting activities three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)

Parent Commitments
Volunteers are needed to transport the teams to away games, matches, and races. Additionally, volunteers are needed to work as line judges (volleyball), clock operators (volleyball), race timers, and bookkeepers.

Spiritual Life

We desire to see Middle School adolescents deepen their Christian faith and to be intentional about how that faith influences who they are and how they act. This is a grand goal, but by keeping our eyes set on it and doing all we can to cultivate an environment alive to the Word, we honor our Middle Schoolers and the Lord who made and defines each of us. This work, we trust, is worthy and its fruit bountiful.

We provide corporate worship weekly, morning homeroom devotions daily, and formal, yearlong Scripture study in our Bible classes. We pray for our students and look for opportunities to guide and shape them. Even discipline, when it occasionally is needed, is seen as an opportunity for spiritual reflection.

As Coordinator of Spiritual Life for the Middle School, Serena Whisenhunt oversees our “Sanctuary” worship time, envisioning their topics and arranging speakers. With others, she works collaboratively and proactively to cultivate and sustain a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment for study, deepened relationships, and spiritual growth.

Bible Courses

Seventh Grade Bible

The seventh grade Bible curriculum focuses on the Old Testament books from I Samuel through Malachi. The course begins with a brief review of events, figures, and themes encountered in the sixth grade study of Genesis through Ruth. Students also explore in depth the reasons for studying the Bible. To develop a greater appreciation for and understanding of themes in the Old Testament, students write frequently, produce art work, create story summaries, memorize significant portions of the text, and learn background information. Activities and class discussions are designed to help students identify more closely with the Bible. Throughout this study, students are taught to recognize God’s sovereignty in Biblical history and to understand the movement of the Biblical narratives toward God’s plan of salvation.

Eighth Grade Bible

The eighth grade Bible curriculum focuses on the New Testament, specifically the person and work of Jesus Christ, and the life, impact, and practices of the early church. In addition to exploring the New Testament, students memorize and use the Nicene Creed as a theological framework to engage with and appreciate God’s story. The course is structured to provide students with strategies for reading the Bible as God’s grand narrative of salvation; interpreting Scripture within a historical context; interacting theologically with the text in search of contemporary relevance; and discovering and applying God’s timeless truths, principles, and practices to their lives.

Student Council

The Middle School’s Student Council is elected by the students and meets regularly to enhance the Middle School community and to organize community service initiatives. The Council, advised by the Coordinator of Student Life, plays an important role in the ongoing process of community-building among Trinity’s Middle Schoolers.


Each fall, the seventh and eighth grade head to a residential camp in the North Carolina mountains for an overnight trip focused on leadership development, bonding, and class activities.

Visual and Performing Arts

Trinity’s Middle School offers student-artists an exceptional faculty; courses in art, music, and musical theater; a band; a strings ensemble; and Chorus. Each year, the Trinity Arts Festival celebrates Middle and Upper School visual and performing arts through students’ polished work in many art forms.

Seventh Grade Music
Seventh grade Music continues to build on the foundation of musical skills laid in TK–grade 6. Students weave together the elements of music as they work in ensembles to sing, play, move, and create. Correlating the musical arts with their History curriculum, students review the music of the Medieval and early Renaissance periods and explore the music of the Baroque and early Classical periods through singing and playing Orff instruments. Students continue to develop an understanding of cooperative learning and ensemble playing as they play percussion instruments and handbells and design creative movement.

Eighth Grade Music
Eighth grade Music focuses on the history of American musical theatre. Students discover the elements of a musical theatre production as they explore scenes from the American musical West Side Story. They relate this musical to the play by Shakespeare on which it is based (Romeo and Juliet). Students then produce a scene from another American musical and perform these scenes for an audience.

Visual Arts Courses
Seventh and eighth grade Art focuses on basic art techniques, allowing students to develop the skills to create 2-and 3-dimensional objects. In these courses, students are exposed to concepts and movements within art history as they conceptualize and create personal projects in a studio setting.

Eighth Grade Celebration

Middle School Day of Service

Middle School Girls Soccer

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