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Expanded Study Options

Trinity's Upper School works collaboratively with students who wish to pursue program-appropriate credit or noncredit study beyond the standard academic program. Reasons for such study vary. Some students simply seek enrichment. Others require basic remediation or courses otherwise not available because of schedule conflicts. In rare instances, especially gifted students are ready to accelerate to Trinity’s next sequential level of a discipline or to continue their study beyond the scope of Trinity’s course offerings. In all cases, students wanting this study to allow them to advance to the next level of a discipline or to be counted for credit and inclusion in GPA calculations must confer with and receive the approval of the Director of the Upper School prior to enrollment in the course.

The typical time to petition the Director of Upper School to undertake formal independent study or study beyond Trinity's offerings is during the Upper School’s normal registration period for the following year’s classes. Students pursuing such study should have mature habits of scholarship and be capable of learning in a less-monitored manner.

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