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This program, falling after Christmas Break and before the spring semester begins, involves all Upper School students in approximately six days of learning experiences outside the typical standard curriculum. Students take two courses of their choice each year, one all morning and one all afternoon. The Winterim program culminates in a showcase of performances and presentations by the students.

Winterim offers students and faculty rich opportunities to discover new areas of interest or to dive deeper into existing ones. Courses are ungraded, allowing students to delight in learning for its own sake. Projects are at the heart of many of these classes, and some are especially experiential.

Winterim also builds community. Within Trinity, students meet new friends beyond their typical social orbits, deepen existing relationships, and get to know teachers in less-traditional settings. Beyond campus, the classes extend our community as students and faculty engage with entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, thinkers, policymakers, and others in the broader Durham and Chapel Hill area. Trinity is blessed to have many friends who generously donate their time, passion, and expertise as Winterim teachers or guest presenters.

Winterim courses vary from year to year. Previous years’ courses have ranged from Videography, Nature Hiking and Journaling, Coding with Minecraft, and Breadmaking to Swing Dancing, Pregnancy Support Services Training, Foundations of Racial Reconciliation, Juggling, Mural Painting, the Carnivore's Guide to Meat from Farm to Table, and the Psychology of Sport and Performance.