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Student Life

There’s a lot going on beyond our classrooms. Our Upper Schoolers participate in first-rate athletics, a thriving annual Arts Festival, a highly regarded and competitive Robotics program, after-school clubs, off-campus trips, a distinctive Winterim program, “Battle Ball Bash,” formal and informal dances, lock-ins, chess tournaments, late-night Capture the Flag….the list goes on.

We’re a trusting community of students and faculty who enjoy each other. It’s not uncommon at lunch to see students and faculty in good conversation, or the Improv Club room packed with student spectators enjoying classmates’ random humor. We cheer our teams on the fields and in the gyms, applaud dramatic productions, celebrate the art displayed in our hallways, and show up for the Honors Humanities Symposium.

We believe a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment is essential to authentic learning, deepening relationships, and spiritual growth. Our Advisory program helps assure that each student is known and cared for, through weekly advisory devotional time and lunches. Our Deans of Students shepherd many of the Upper School’s community-building activities and events. They also advise Student Council and the Student Life Committee, which plans many of the Upper School social events. Class deans organize class-specific activities, and the faculty collectively, along with our respected Honor Council, help safeguard the trusting, Christ-centered atmosphere that undergirds all we do as a community.

The pages within this section explain the many, varied opportunities to have a rich, meaningful, and fun experience in Trinity’s Upper School.