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Performing Arts

US Drama

Upper School Drama allows students to develop–or discover–their interest in theater. The class stages a play in each semester, and the students are involved in both onstage and offstage aspects of that endeavor. Whether a student has a long-standing love of acting or is venturing bravely into this territory for the first time, this class provides space for creative development of myriad skills. Through the process of bringing a production to the stage, the class gives the students the opportunity not only to hone their acting abilities, but also to practice skills such as listening, effective communication, self-discipline, problem-solving, and collaboration.

Inside Performing Arts

US Strings
Upper School strings students work together in a variety of groupings to develop chamber music rehearsal and performance skills. Students will acquire a wide repertoire of music and have several opportunities to perform formal concerts as well as background music for dinners and events.

US Jazz Ensemble
Performance technique, etiquette, stylistic understanding, and music history are all facets of this course. This group focuses on expanding the repertoire to include not just jazz but also classical and other styles. In addition to continuing to develop on an instrument, the main goals are to gain an understanding performance practice and learn to improvise. The purpose of these goals is to prepare and equip the students for college ensembles and other playing opportunities

US Vocal Ensemble
Upper School Vocal Ensemble explores choral music at an advanced level through analyzing and applying the fundamentals of music theory to choral music, learning music terminology, developing performance techniques for various genres, evaluating and developing choral balance in an ensemble setting, comprehending connections between the music and the composers and experiencing a wide variety of musical styles in our repertoire.