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Affording College

Discussions around finances and affordability related to college expenses are a hugely important piece of the college admissions process. It may be helpful as your student is forming his or her college list to think about Colleges with generous merit aid, for example.

The Director of College Counseling will provide guidance around need and merit-based aid and provide any school related documents needed (i.e., transcript, letter of recommendation, etc). It is the responsibility of the family to manage application materials and deadlines related to scholarships. This is a great area where parent(s)/guardian(s) can assist their student.


Families can find resources and websites below to aid in the scholarship search and completion of the financial aid process for college. There are thousands of opportunities for aid out there but they generally fall into two categories - need-based or merit-based aid (with some that overlap). School-specific aid is an important piece to investigate as well. Some schools will automatically consider applicants for scholarships through your Common Application (nothing additional needed). Others will have a separate application/interview process, particularly for those scholarships that offer the most amount of aid. Even if a school is test-optional in admissions, the financial aid office may consider test scores in evaluating scholarship candidates so please be sure to check scholarship eligibility. SAT/ACT waivers are available for those who qualify.

Need-based aid

Merit-based scholarships

Additional resources