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Spirit Rock

The Trinity School Spirit Rock is now available for individuals to reserve— sign up, paint your message, and show your school spirit! You can reserve the rock for all kinds of things... your child or grandchild’s birthday, congratulatory events, good luck wishes for competitions and tournaments, or recognizing milestones. Think of fun and creative ideas that will showcase our Lion pride and spirit!


How to reserve:

  • Reservations MUST be made in order to paint the Spirit Rock.
  • Reservations open at the beginning of the school year and can be made online here.
  • Calls cannot be made to the school office for reservation purposes.
  • Reservations must be made by a parent or teacher on behalf of a student or student group.
  • Reminders for reservations will not be sent by the school.
  • If you don’t paint the rock by Tuesday at 4pm during the week of your reservation, you forfeit the remainder of the week.


  • Recommended $25 donation for the week. Make payment electronically at this link.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please email to be added to a cancellation list if your preferred week is booked.
  • Payment is due at the time of making the reservation, All payments are nonrefundable for any reason (change of mind, inclement weather, etc.).
  • All money raised from the use of the Spirit Rock will go towards the Trinity TPO.

Reservation Time:

  • The Spirit Rock may be reserved for one week at a time. A week is defined as beginning on Saturday morning and ending the following Friday night at midnight. You may paint the rock beginning on Saturday morning of the week you have reserved it, and your reservation week will end on the following Friday at midnight. So, for example, if your child’s birthday is on September 18, and you want him or her to arrive at school on Monday, September 16, and see a birthday message on the Spirit Rock, you should reserve the week beginning Saturday, September 14. You can begin painting the rock on or after the morning of the 14th, and the person or group that has reserved the week after you can begin painting the rock on Saturday morning, September 21.
  • Only one individual or group may reserve the Spirit Rock at a time. Exceptions to this may be made on a case-by-case basis if the rock is requested by more than one individual in the same week, with the consent of the first person to make the reservation.

Supplies and Property:

  • Paint and painting supplies are not provided by the school.
  • The best paint to use is spray paint for the base. You will probably need 2–3 cans for a good base coat and additional paint for your design. Painting the design with a paint brush usually turns out better. Or spray paint with stenciles. The quantity needed will depend upon the color you are using, the color already painted on the rock, and weather conditions (Note: if you want to paint the rock a light color you may need 5-7 cans of paint).
  • ONLY the rock may be painted. DO NOT paint the sidewalk, grass, or any other material surrounding the rock. The individual or group reserving the rock will be held financially responsible for any cleaning and repair costs associated with the violation of this policy.
  • Anyone painting the rock must leave the area in a clean condition. Remove all paint materials and litter from the site and be sure the paint is disposed of properly.
  • The individual or group painting the Spirit Rock assumes liability for anyone who may be injured and/or incur clothing or other personal property damage while painting the rock.


  • All rules as outlined in the Trinity School Student Handbook MUST be obeyed. No exceptions.
  • No bullying, obscenity, profane words or symbols, or derogatory or offensive messages will be permitted.
  • In accordance with the school's nonpartisan policy, no political messages will be permitted. More generally, messages should not advocate for particular ideologies, policies, or parties, whether in the school community, locally, or nationally.
  • Scripture verses may be displayed, so long as their meaning out of context clearly promotes the mission of the school.
  • Trinity School will not be held responsible if the rock is painted over by someone who has not reserved the rock.
  • Trinity School reserves the right to remove any content, message, image, or language from the Spirit Rock that is deemed inappropriate, without notice to those who reserved or painted the rock.