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Trinity Parent Organization

Welcome, Trinity Families!

We would like to warmly welcome all Trinity parents and guardians to the Trinity Parent Organization (TPO).

The TPO offers the opportunity to strengthen the partnership between your family and the school. We do this by providing a community for families to plug into, as well as by serving our school in many capacities. Please feel free to contact the TPO with questions, thoughts, ideas, or concerns at any time. We can be reached by email at Thank you for your partnership!

The purpose of the Trinity Parent Organization is to promote a strong sense of community in partnership with the school and to facilitate communication, cooperation, involvement, and service throughout the Trinity School community. All parents and guardians of Trinity students are members of the TPO. There are no membership dues.

2022–2023 TPO Leadership Council

Emily Merryweather • President
Caroline Daniels • President-Elect
Meg Lybrand • President Emerita
Leah Ronald • Treasurer
Shellie Ruffin • Secretary

Tina Deshayes and Jenni Thornton • Lower School Representatives
Kathy Booker and Joana Krzmarzick • Middle School Representatives
Dionne Harrison and Shellie Ruffin • Upper School Representatives

Tracy Mansfield and Michelle Son • Hospitality Co-Chairs
Kristin Scarbro • Fundraising Chair

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