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School Counselor and Mental Health Resources

Vision Statement

At Trinity we believe that pursuing beauty, goodness and truth is much more than an academic exercise. Beauty, goodness and truth are God’s fingerprints that point to joy, purpose and meaning in our lives. With a holistic view of mental health, our counseling program seeks to help students develop into mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually integrated adults. We want our students to leave Trinity being able to see the beauty of their life having tasted the goodness of God and set free by his truth.

School Counseling

The Counseling Department at Trinity School will support teachers and students by bringing social and emotional success skills to the classroom, walk with students enduring difficult life challenges, communicate with off-site mental health professionals on behalf of students, and intervene when mental health crises like suicidal thoughts or panic attacks happen on campus.

Our program will look different across the various schools of Trinity, as the needs of students change through the course of development. Please note, our counseling program is designed to support student success at Trinity. We are not equipped to provide long term individual therapy, psychological testing, or serve as a separate instructional setting for students with high needs.

Throughout the school year our school counseling program strengthens our Trinity Community by providing…

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons
  • Small Student Groups
  • Individual Sessions with Students
  • Coordination of Care with Off-Campus Mental Health Professionals
  • Consultations with Parents and Faculty regarding student concerns
  • Crisis Preparation and Intervention
  • Resources and Training for Families and Faculty

Trinity Distinctives in Our Program

Undergirding our program, is our belief that God created each student uniquely with purpose and that all Truth ultimately finds its origins in God’s hands. That being said, faith development often grows deeper through hard times and seasons of doubt. The counseling department seeks to provide a non-judgmental space where students can wrestle with questions at their own unhurried pace discovering truth, goodness and beauty in the story of who they are and who they are becoming.

Feel free to contact the Director of Counseling Services, Tammy Smith with any thoughts or questions.

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