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Spiritual Life

Lower School Spiritual Life
Integral to the education of Lower School students is comprehensive learning about what it means to love and be loved by God. In their daily Bible classes and in weekly fellowship opportunities, students learn about the love and character of God through the model of their teachers. Age-appropriate and practical application of biblical principles is taught in areas such as peacemaking, service to one another, and stewardship of time and talents.

Middle School Spiritual Life
We desire to see Middle School adolescents deepen their Christian faith and be intentional about how that faith influences who they are and how they act. This is a grand goal, but by keeping our eyes set on it and doing all we can to cultivate an environment alive to the Word, we honor our Middle Schoolers and the Lord who made and defines each of us. This work, we trust, is worthy and its fruit bountiful.

We provide corporate worship weekly, morning homeroom devotions daily, and formal, yearlong Scripture study in our Bible classes. We pray for our students and look for opportunities to guide and shape them. Even discipline, when it occasionally is needed, is seen as an opportunity for spiritual reflection.

As Coordinator of Spiritual Life for the Middle School, Serena Whisenhunt oversees our Sanctuary worship time, envisioning their topics and arranging speakers. With others, she works collaboratively and proactively to cultivate and sustain a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment for study, deepened relationships, and spiritual growth.

Upper School Christian Life
In each of Trinity’s Upper School classes, students are encouraged to learn about God's world and our place in it. They discover and develop their God-given gifts as they study, participate in athletic and cocurricular activities, and serve others in Christ’s name.

Our Christian Life program challenges each student to consider the claims of Christ, come to know him as Savior and Lord, and grow in his or her relationship with him. Through morning Cornerstone devotions, weekly worship, prayer, conversation with faculty members, and fellowship groups (through school, church, or parachurch groups), we strive to share and grow in God's love.

The Rev. Ellen VanTongeren serves as our Dean of Christian Life, overseeing Cornerstone devotional assignments, facilitating and supplementing the work of the Student Worship Planning Team, providing support for students and staff who lead small groups, and serving as a resource for the entire Upper School community.