US Humanities Teacher


US Humanities Teacher

Trinity seeks a full-time teacher to teach in its US Humanities program. Over time, Trinity's Humanities teachers can expect to teach the full range of the Upper School's Humanities courses, including its senior-year semester-long English and history electives. For this coming year, the anticipated assignment is one section of 10th grade Western Studies Humanities course and four semester-long humanities electives.

Trinity’s Humanities courses provide a fully integrated study of history, English, and the Bible for the freshman (Ancient Civilizations), sophomore (Western Studies), and junior years (American Studies), deep understandings of the interconnectedness of ideas, culture, and events, and a rich engagement as developing writers and thinkers. Primary and secondary historical sources and literature in the form of novels, plays, and poetry form the spine of the program’s study, and these are supplemented by study of music and art from within and beyond the relevant time periods. Humanities classes meet during eight 50-minute periods weekly— twice the amount of time allotted to other disciplines—and students receive one credit in history and one in English for each Humanities course completed.

The courses’ literature, interwoven with the themes (1) God, Philosophy, and Truth, (2) Government and Politics, (3) Social Structure (4) the Impact of Technology and Science, and (5) Art and Aesthetics, includes a variety of novels, plays, and poetry, helps students interconnect and deepen their understandings of ideas and themes, and often serves as the focus of the courses’ frequent and varied writing assignments. The courses also include the study of grammar and vocabulary. The courses integrate the Bible into the five overarching themes, and students study it as a document written within specific historical contexts so that they can appreciate it as both a sacred text and as a primary source.

Humanities goals include deepened fluency in the interconnectedness of ideas and the events that shape them; a rich understanding of historical cultures and their impact on the present; the continued development of persuasive, compelling prose; the solidification of grammar skills; the continued development of a broad and sophisticated vocabulary; refined abilities to read texts closely and analytically; and deepened skill in critical and creative thinking.

Trinity is a highly missional school, and an understanding of and commitment to the school's mission is essential. We seek faculty who love Jesus, teach well, and delight in teenagers, who, at Trinity, range from academically average to exceptional.

Qualities sought for this position include successful experience as an English or history teacher; rich and broad knowledge of literature, history, and scripture; love for writing; superb writing skills; skill at facilitating seminar-style discussions and interconnected “big questions,” running writing workshops, and using instructional technologies; and skill at differentiating learning and assessments. Substantial study of the humanities at the undergraduate and graduate levels and an active life as a reader and writer are preferred. Candidates should possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree.

In Trinity's Upper School community, camaraderie, collaboration, showing up for student events, enthusiasm for Trinity's mission, and pitching in for the good of each other and our students are high values. Trinity also values faculty who are involved in school life beyond the classroom and, therefore, applicants who can coach, advise a club, or otherwise enrich our vibrant community.

To be considered, qualified candidates should attach a cover letter, their resume, and the Trinity application, along with other supporting documents such as college transcripts and certifications.


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