PE Teacher


PE Teacher

Trinity School seeks a full-time Physical Education Teacher. The PE Teacher will be responsible for teaching and supporting classes in PE and for creating a classroom environment that fosters, promotes and develops an understanding of the relationship of healthy body function and exercise; and that motivates each student to cultivate physical fitness, that develops strength, skill, agility, poise, and coordination in individual, dual and team physical activities and sports, in accordance with each student’s ability.


  • Specific responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Prepare and implement lesson plans to Teach 4th-6th, and 7th and 8th(MS) Grade PE
  • Teach strength and conditioning elective in US
  • Supervise and help with home MS (Middle School) athletic events, set up gyms for games
  • Work in conjunction with Athletic Director to map, review and execute PE curriculum and standards
  • Attend LS (Lower School) & MS (Middle School) parent meetings each season & parent nights as necessary
  • Prepare and report student progress in report cards and communication with parents
  • Other duties as needed by department, & Athletic Director
  • Help supervise after school MS practices as necessary
  • Supervise student activities in the weight room to ensure safety and compliance with rules and procedures.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education or similar field required
  • North Carolina State Teacher Certification desired


  • Required on campus 1 week prior to start of school and one week after school ends per faculty agreement. Any exceptions must be pre-approved by the Athletic Director
  • Full-time hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Hours subject to change due to athletic events)

Trinity is a highly missional school, and an understanding of and commitment to the school's mission is essential: to educate students in transitional kindergarten to grade twelve within the framework of Christian faith and conviction—teaching the classical tools of learning; providing a rich yet unhurried education; and communicating truth, goodness and beauty.

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Trinity School is a Christian School that values both a rich Christian faith (faculty embrace doctrinal commitments described on Trinity's website) and vibrant academic excellence.

To be considered, qualified candidates should attach a cover letter, resume, and any other supporting documents, such as college transcripts and certifications, to their Trinity application.


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